Happy Mother’s Day!!

I was blessed with a wonderful mother who shared her unconditional love for me and all my brothers and sisters. One of my sisters is a mother and grandmother now!! She is following beautifully in our mother’s footsteps. In addition to her love, out of love she shared her faith with me. Her love for God was evident by the life she led. Even when I strayed from the faith it was her prayers and example that brought me back to the faith that she shared with me and because of her, I too fell in love with Jesus and chose to respond to the invitation of the Good Shepherd and become a priest.

I am also aware that offering a mother’s love to another does not necessitate physically giving birth to a child. On Saturday I presided at the funeral for Sister Susan Cain, a Sister of Mercy. She work as the driving force of Steuben Rural Ministry which reaches out in mercy and charity to those who need a hand up. She was always there to assist those who came and to love them with a mother’s / a shepherd’s love! Women such as her and my own mother inspire and challenge me every day. Many of these women also offer me support and encouragement on my journey for which I will always be grateful and pray God’s blessings upon them.

The following is a blessing we prayed over the mother’s in church on this mother’s day. I hope you will join me in this prayer of blessing. Our world is sorely in need of good mothers/good shepherds!

Loving God, source and sustainer of all life, we thank you for the precious gift of our mothers, who through their unconditional love and constant care model your love for your Church as the Good Shepherd.

We ask your blessing upon the mothers who are unable to be with us here today.  May they know how much we love them.

We pray for birth mothers who have loved their children so much, they have shared the gift of their child with those who could better care for them and their needs. 

We pray for adoptive mothers, that they may always know they are a revelation of God’s love for their children. 

We pray for women who have never given birth, yet who bestow a mother’s love upon those whose lives they touch.

We ask your blessing upon expectant mothers, and upon those who would very much like to be mothers but who are unable to have children or are experiencing difficulty having a child.

We pray for mothers who have lost children through miscarriage, stillbirth, crib death, accident, and tragedy, that they may know your peace and consolation.

Bless these women.  Give them strength to live faith-filled and loving lives.  Protect them, guide them, and keep them always in your care.We ask this through Christ our Lord.  AMEN.

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